Why you need a copy of Issue 27

Our latest issue is packed with stunning images and fascinating facts, as well as a brand new feature highlighting our must-have items for animal lovers this Christmas. Here’s a sneak peak to show you why you should pick up a copy. … Continued

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How to make an insect hotel – video

It’s the perfect time of year to get creative in your garden. We’ve made this short video showing step by step how to make an insect hotel.


Three reasons the black-footed ferret is endangered

1. Prairie dog poisoning Farmers poison prairie dog because they see them as pests on their farms and campaigns have been launched to eradicate them. Prairie dogs make up about 90% of the black-footed ferret diet and so they suffer … Continued

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10 of the most fabulous jumping spiders

Green jumping spider Mopsus mormon Australia The green jumping spider is one of Australia’s largest jumping spiders. The males have whiskers, which they raise up to a topknot. Females don’t have this but instead, have a fancy red and white … Continued

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Zookeepers give helping hand to exotic starling chicks

Bird keepers at Chester Zoo have provided around-the-clock care to six exotic starling chicks. The tiny grosbeak starlings, which are native to Indonesia, have been successfully hand-reared after being fed a combination of pinky mouse and papaya every few hours … Continued

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Frogfish quick facts

It’s difficult to make heads or tails of this globular fish.   What is it? Painted frogfish (Antennarius pictus) Frogfishes have smooth skin covered in holes giving them a sponge-like appearance. The holes are called ocelli, or eye spots. They … Continued

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See the cartwheeling spider

Meet the cartwheeling spider, otherwise known as Cebrennus rechenbergi.   Native to Morocco, this nocturnal spider cartwheels across the desert in a display of skilled gymnastic ability. It is the only species of spider known to move in such a … Continued

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Why is bread bad for ducks?

The Canal and River Trust conducted a survey and found that around six million loaves of bread had been thrown into the UK’s waterways in 2014.   Bread is the equivalent of junk food, doesn’t contain much in the way … Continued


Life finds a way: wildlife in the Korean DMZ

When we hear stories about habitat destruction and species extinction there’s always one culprit to blame: humans. We are having a destructive effect worldwide on some of the Earth’s most vulnerable and endangered wildlife. Even species previously abundant and in … Continued


Gulls vs whales

In Argentina, 626 southern right whale calves died. It’s possible there were many more. The numerous deaths all occurred at the Península Valdés, a calving ground where the whales go to give birth to their young.   Baby whales are … Continued


How do bees make honey?

Everyone knows bees make honey. There are 7 species of honeybees that work tirelessly to make honey as a food source for their colony. They always make more than they need and stockpile the honey as a type of insurance. … Continued

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Sand cats: the little desert dwellers

What are sand cats?   Little cats living in the deserts of North Africa and Central Asia. Like miniature big cats, they communicate with one another by leaving scent marks and claw markings throughout their surroundings.   Perfectly adapted to … Continued

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Crabs have teeth in their stomachs

Interestingly, crabs do have teeth. But not in the way you’d think.   Most crabs have very soft feathery mouths, so they need a way to break up all the food they ingest. Instead of chewing and breaking up food … Continued


If animals took selfies..

“OMG”       ” #sillyface “       “Duck face pout”       ” This tripod is a bit low..”       ” I woke up like this “       ” #lovinglife “   … Continued

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What happens when you give a spider drugs?

Check out this nifty infographic from Brain Dump digital mag. Scientists from NASA gave spiders marijuana, Benzedrine, caffeine, and chloral hydrate to see what effect this would have on the webs they weave, and the results are pretty interesting.   … Continued


Clever creatures: 8 spectacled animals

Take a look at these spectacled animals you never knew existed!   1. Spectacled owl       2. Spectacled eider         3. Spectacled langur     4. Spectacled flying fox       5. Spectacled caiman … Continued

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The cardinal’s song

In issue 23, we explored why birds sing and spoke about the impressive song of the cardinal, one of the most iconic bird species found in North America.   It’s so iconic in fact, this much-loved bird has been named … Continued

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Brand new World of Animals Annual bookazine out now!

From the makers of World of Animals comes the new World of Animals Annual! We humans share our planet with the most amazing array of creatures and critters. Celebrating the weirdest and most wonderful residents of planet Earth, this book … Continued


Top tips to keep your pet safe over bonfire night

Dogs   The RSPCA has stated that around 45% of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks, so it’s likely some of you will have trouble over the next week. Although it’s no fun seeing your pet suffer, … Continued

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