Barn owl divorce

Divorce occurs in nature, even in birds that supposedly mate for life.
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The life of an ostrich

Dig deep into the life of the largest flightless bird on the planet.
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Moose: the king of deer

Is it a moose? Is it an elk? It’s the biggest species of deer and it lives all over the Northern hemisphere.
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    7 Days of Silverbacks: Day 7

    Today is the last day of our 7 Days of Silverbacks campaign, but World of Animals still has a lot more in store
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    Credit Press Association

    How It Works: The K’NEX Bloodhound

    Well not quite. Instead, the construction toy giant K’NEX has created a life size replica of the Bloodhound, a 1,609 kilometre per hour (1,000-mile)-per-hour machine completely out of its…
    Credit Tim Reckmann

    How It Works: Google Glass

    Win Twycross Zoo memberships for two adults and two children, as seen in Issue 11 of World of Animals magazine