Dung beetles follow stars

Just like the wise men following a star to reach Bethlehem, dung beetles find their way by the light of the milky way.

Do any animals overeat?

Worried about overeating this Christmas? Check out how much the polar bear guzzles.
Polar bear

What do polar bears eat?

What does one of Earth’s largest carnivores feed on when it lives in one of the toughest environments on Earth?
Help found hedgehog garden winter

Hedgehog rescue: when to intervene

Found a hedgehog in the garden and not sure what to do? This guide tells you exactly when you need to begin a rescue mission.
Otter whiskers
Inside animals

How do whiskers work?

Mammals use their whiskers to detect changes in their environment and give them superpowers humans could only dream of.
Black labrador dog

How do dogs drink?

Have you ever wondered how effective lapping is? The answer will blow your mind.

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