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How whiskers work: WATCH

This video explains exactly how animal whiskers work, and you will be amazed

Why did kangaroos evolve to jump?

Only a handful of animals in history have hopped on two feet like the kangaroo, and their journey began 25 million years ago

Do any animals sing?

Monogamous titi monkeys sing their hearts out, but only in a duet with their partner

Why do cockerels crow?

Despite chickens being domesticated for 10,000 years, the function of their characteristic crowing calls is not fully understood

WIN a dolphin-watching trip for 2 worth £100

The latest issue of World of Animals features a spotter’s guide to bottlenose dolphins, and this prize gives two lucky people the chance to take a trip of a lifetime to see dolphins, whales, seals and more, courtesy of AK Wildlife Cruises.

Do cows fart methane?

There are 1.5 billion cows on the planet. They are known producers of methane, but the gas is more likely to be burped out than released from the… other end
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Insects & more

Flies have learned to lie

Dance flies give worthless gifts to get on a girl’s good side, or even just steal from other males.
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Underwater lemur graveyard found

Hundreds of fossils are being excavated in flooded caves on Madagascar’s coast, including bones from a lemur the size of a gorilla.

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