Meet the monkeys inside our brand new issue

Available right now, our monkey edition is chock full of chattering primates. Readers can also get acquainted with real-life dragons, as well as learn about eight marvellous marsupials
GIFs & Videos

Watch a seahorse give birth

Males are the ones to bear children in the world of the seahorse, and the team at The Deep have captured this amazing footage of baby seahorses entering the world
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Ocean animals

The whales you’ve never heard of

Beaked whales are the second largest whale family on Earth, but they are a mystery even to the scientists that study them

Gibbons whisper predator warnings

Communicating with loud calls and over 450 soft whispers, lesser apes give us clues about the evolution of human speech
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Bats obey traffic rules

These flying mammals have their own system for avoiding mid-air collisions, and reach in the blink of an eye

Why do rabbits jump?

The characteristic leap of a rabbit is commonly known as a ‘binky’, and it is widely believed to be an expression of joy.

Mice like to go to the gym

The scientific community has always wondered whether running on a wheel was a natural behaviour… until now

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