De brazza's monkey

De Brazza’s monkeys smile to make friends

Distinctive De Brazza’s monkeys live in central Africa and live for 30 years. They have 10 specific call types that tell others their age, gender and reproductive status
Ocean animals

The mimic octopus in focus

While all other octopus species change their appearance to blend into the background, the mimic octopus is the only animal that can pretend to be specific animals
panda birthday cake party hat

9 party animals to celebrate our birthday

It’s Imagine Publishing’s 10th birthday! To celebrate we’re giving you a 10% discount in our online shop throughout all of May, as well as showing you these party animals
dolphin facts

29 incredible dolphin facts

To celebrate our latest dolphin issue, we’re giving you a whopping 29 facts about dolphins you can use to impress your friends

Dolphins: your ultimate guide

Our newest issue is packed with amazing facts and stunning images, from dolphin hunting techniques to mongoose myths
pygmy gecko

Pygmy geckos can walk on water

Imagine being so light that you could tiptoe on the surface of water. Now imagine being so light that you could fall into a pond and stay dry…
GIFs & Videos

Jurassic Park’s surprise animal cast

The eerie sounds made by the dinosaurs in the film were actually recordings of real animals… but how many can you identify from the clip?

Oldest bird ancestor discovered

Two new fossils have been discovered from the ornithuromorpha clade – the group that includes all living birds – and what’s more is that they lived five million years before any other member
GIFs & Videos

13 unmissable monkey GIFs

If you like our monkey edition then you’ll love this collection of hilarious monkey GIFs… especially number 5

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