Why aren’t cats as domesticated as dogs?

Cats are known for their occasionally unsociable and aloof nature, but why are they more independent than dogs?   No one really knows when humans became best friends with dogs but estimates range from 13,000 – 30,000 years ago and … Continued


Issue 25 has super powers!

Our latest issue is packed with amazing facts and stunning images, from how the colour-changing chameleon to animals that glow in the dark. We’re so excited about this issue that we are giving you a sneak peek! Our cover feature is all … Continued


Win The Great Canadian Bucket List!

As seen in our latest owl issue, this prize is the ultimate guide to the best Canadian experience This month’s Explore the Earth features Canada and the country’s incredible array of wildlife from polar bears that migrate across the ice to bears and … Continued


Why wetlands matter

We interview an expert on why it is so important to protect wetlands in the UK and further afield   Rob Shire is the Head of Conservation Action at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), a charity that creates and restores … Continued


Why we love bonobos

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what a bonobo is. After all, the smallest of the great apes is often mistaken for the common chimpanzee, but the bonobo, or ‘pygmy chimp’ has its own unique qualities. Here is why we … Continued


Why is the rhino a species worth saving?

It’s easy to overlook the impact a species has on its environment until it’s gone. The extinction of the rhino would have devastating effects on its habitat. Rhinos are amazing animals, but here are 5 reasons why they are so … Continued

Mandarin Duck - Aix galericulata - Male.  L 41-49cm. Male is stunningly colourful, with elaborate tufts and plumes. Sexes are strikingly dissimilar. Adult male has mane of orange, white, greenish and brown feathers, with white above eye and elongated orange plumes arising from cheek. Note orange sail-like feathers on back, dark breast with vertical white stripes, brown flanks and white stern. Bill is bright red with pale tip. Adult female is grey-brown overall, darkest on back, with pale buffish spots on flanks. Has white belly, white ‘spectacle’, and white at base of bill and on throat. Bill is dull pink with pale tip. Juvenile resembles an adult female. Voice Mostly silent. Status Introduced from China and now local on wooded lakes in S.

Bird Photography Competition Launched

Do you love bird watching? Are you a keen photographer? Well, now is your chance to combine your two passions by entering the newly launched Bird Photographer of the Year competition. Our sister title, Digital Photographer has teamed up with the British … Continued


Win a pair of Vanguard binoculars and a Helm Field Guide

Our latest issue is packed with new features and stunning images, from how conservationists are working to protect the lion to busting elephant myths. We’re so excited about this issue that we’re giving you a sneak peek again!   Our cover … Continued


How to make a bird feeder

Learn how to attract birds to your garden by making a bird cake to hang in a tree outside. In issue 23 of World of Animals magazine, we take a look at the songbirds of the world from the blue … Continued


How to test the pH of your soil

Learn how to test the pH level of your soil so that you can plant your own wildflower garden and help protect native species. In issue 23 of World of Animals magazine, we look at the wildlife of a wildflower meadow. … Continued


5 reasons to read issue 23

Here are five reasons why you should be picking up a copy of the latest issue of World of Animals.   1. Decode the songbird’s call Find out why birds sing in the latest issue, discover some of the world’s … Continued


5 things you should know about the ocean

You have, almost certainly, eaten from it, admired its inhabitants, dived beneath it or sailed upon it. Paul Cox, Managing Director for The Shark Trust tells us why we should appreciate the earth’s life support system as well as the role … Continued


Crazy Big Tongues

Did you know the blue whale’s tongue can be as heavy as an elephant? We take a look at some of the biggest, craziest tongues in the animal kingdom.   1. Chameleon The chameleon has the longest tongue relative to … Continued

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How to make a butterfly feeder

Butterflies are the iconic insects of summer and this guide will teach you how to attract winged beauties to your garden

dolphin bends
Ocean animals

How do dolphins avoid the bends?

The threat from decompression sickness, or the bends, is very real for scuba divers but dolphins and whales have evolved to avoid this problem

Photo taken from Island Explorer 3 operated by Island Adventures Whale Watching, Anacortes, WA.
Ocean animals

Whales are right handed… sort of

Many whale species like orcas show a bias for their right hand side when searching for prey, but nobody knows quite why just yet


5 AMAZING facts about dire wolves

Game of Thrones introduced dire wolves to the world and our latest issue tells us all about their unfortunate extinction, but here are a few facts about them you never knew before

cheetah world of animals magazine

5 reasons you need to read our latest issue

Our new issue is now on sale and it’s our best edition yet. Filled with stunning images, astounding facts and detailed illustrations, this magazine is not to be missed

great white shark
Ocean animals

How to draw a great white shark

While it takes 15 years for a great white to reach full size, this video tutorial shows you how to draw one of the ocean’s most feared predators in less than three minutes.


Is Jurassic Park possible?

It’s the question we’re all asking – is it possible to bring dinosaurs back from the dead?

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