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Q and A

Why do animals have different numbers of toes?

Differing numbers of toes is most obvious in hoofed mammals like horses, deer and giraffes. Animals with hooves are split into two categories, even-toed and odd-toed.

Insects & more

7 facts about butterflies

Be prepared to get all aflutter as we reveal the secrets of some of the most colourful characters in the animal kingdom

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The missing lynx

The return of the missing lynx: Could reintroducing this solitary wild cat be beneficial to the British countryside

Ocean animals

Attack of the lionfish

These predatory lionfish might look fancy, but they’re not fussy eaters – much to the chagrin of the Caribbean’s native inhabitants.


Why Issue 33 is Otter-ly Fantastic!

Pick up our latest issue to meet the charismatic mammals that hold hands when they fall asleep, find out all about the plight of the gorilla and take a look at the most colourful snakes on Earth.  Here’s a sneak peak of … Continued


Binturongs smell like buttered popcorn

The binturong is sometimes called the ‘bearcat’, but it’s related to neither bears nor cats. It is an arboreal carnivore that mostly eats fruit and it never needs to touch the ground.

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Reptiles & Amphibians

Slow worms: the legless lizard

This common legless lizard is no snake Many people who spot a slow worm will assume that it is a snake, and they could be forgiven for doing so. This is in fact a legless lizard, and can be found … Continued

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