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Underwater lemur graveyard found

Hundreds of fossils are being excavated in flooded caves on Madagascar’s coast, including bones from a lemur the size of a gorilla.
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Big cats like boxes too

Even the biggest cats can’t resist the lure of a cardboard box…
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Amazing animal mothers: Golden lion tamarin

Being a small monkey in the big jungle can be tough, and having newborns in tow makes life even more risky. Tiny tamarins navigate the Amazon rainforest with their ever-growing families and do everything they can to make sure their babies survive.
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The fruit that eats flies

One fruit plant feasts on flies, and most humans see this killer every day

12 crazy animal images from the past

From the earliest depictions of the octopus to the first wildlife snapped at Yosemite, these images are guaranteed to amaze you…

Can chickens fly?

Their wild relatives can fly, so can domestic chickens?

Do dogs get colds?

Throughout the cold winter months we are susceptible to colds, but are animals?
Save rhinos now

Meet a rhino day 7: Patrick

Get acquainted with a different rhino from Ol Pejeta conservancy every day this week. Today, meet Patrick…

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