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Reptiles & Amphibians

Slow worms: the legless lizard

This common legless lizard is no snake Many people who spot a slow worm will assume that it is a snake, and they could be forgiven for doing so. This is in fact a legless lizard, and can be found … Continued

Twin Visayan warty pigs - a species listed by conservationists as critically endangered - have been born at Chester Zoo (10)
GIFs & Videos

Visayan warty piglets are adorable

Twin Visayan warty pigs – a species listed by conservationists as critically endangered – have made their debut at Chester Zoo.


Wildlife crime in the UK

Thinking about wildlife crime conjures up images of rhino poaching and ivory smuggling but believe it or not crime happens in countries outside of Africa and Asia. So what does wildlife crime in the UK look like?

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RSPB’s Big Wild Sleepout: 29 – 31 July 2016

Grown-ups and children alike are in for a treat over the upcoming summer holidays as the RSPB will once again be urging nature lovers to spend a night under the stars for its annual Big Wild Sleepout.

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Insects & more

Why are some beetles brightly coloured?

It would seem logical for prey species to want to blend in to the background, so it’s surprising that many beetles are adorned in eye-catching colours

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How did elephant trunks evolve?

It’s thought that aquatic elephant ancestors had a snorkel-like organ to help them breathe when swimming. This organ became more specialised to help the animal feed over time and now exists as the long trunk we know. Over 30 million … Continued

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Ocean animals

Which shark has the most teeth?

When you think of sharks you undoubtedly picture hundreds of rows of big shark teeth, but which species holds the record?

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Ocean animals

Amazing animals of the ocean you have never seen before

Some of the world’s most amazing animals live in the ocean. From shrimp with claws tougher than carbon fibre to octopuses named after syrupy snacks, welcome to the weird world of animals surviving in the sea.

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How do sloths give birth?

Sloths spend their lives in the trees, carrying out most of their daily tasks upside down but have you ever wondered how they manage to give birth high up in the canopy?   Sloths are solitary creatures and only meet … Continued

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Save rhinos now

How hero dogs are fighting poachers and protecting rhinos

In the K9 Unit at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, dogs are trained to track, pick up scents and attack poachers. They are at the front line of rhino conservation, and are a vital addition to the team working to protect these vulnerable African giants.

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Just how intelligent are elephants?

Elephant friends are thick as thieves and mischievously help each other clamber over electric fences and remove tranquilliser darts

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Extraordinary eggs

Eggs come in all shapes, sizes, and colours but their structure is about more than just aesthetics. Here are some of the world’s most amazing eggs and their extraordinary adaptations


Producer George Duffield tells us why Superpower Dogs is going to blow everyone’s mind

From rescuing people trapped beneath rubble, to medical dogs who have the ability to detect cancer. This incredible film in the making will be jam packed with adventure, amazing scenery, and of course, the heart warming and awe-inspiring tales of dogs all over the world working to save lives. We speak to producer George Duffield about his exciting project and he explains why you should be getting excited about Superpower Dogs.

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