10 unbelievable lemur facts

This month’s World of Animals magazine takes readers into the world of the lemur, so here are 10 lemur facts to get you started…
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Eland (Taurotragus oryx) in Mapungubwe - sunset at the waterhole

A-Z Animals: Eland

26 animals that do absolutely unbelievable things.
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    How It Works: How can we predict what the weather will be?

    Forecasts from the Met Office begin by taking observations from around the world, which come from observations on the land and at sea, weather balloons and commercial shipping and aircraft. Perhaps…

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    King penguin: energy saving

    Antarctic frost takes its toll on the animals that live at the south pole, and penguins are locked in a daily battle for survival
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    How It Works: How to make a car in 86 seconds

    A bear resting on a fallen tree.