Why we love rats

Our red panda issue features an amazing article about rats, and here we explain what makes them some of the coolest animals on the planet
Q and A

What if lions went extinct?

A new report by the IUCN says that lions have decreased by 42 per-cent since 1993, and we discuss what would happen if these big cats died out
Red squirrel spinning a walnut to find a perfect side to put it into the mouth.

5 animal myths busted

It’s often hard to separate the fact from the fiction, but the following five widely believed statements are in fact, fiction
butterflies drink turtle tears

Butterflies drink turtle tears

It might sound crazy, but it’s absolutely true and some intrepid insects even target the tears of more dangerous animals
hammerhead shark senses
Ocean animals

The 7 senses of the hammerhead shark

Thanks to their many starring roles in Hollywood films, sharks have become one of the most feared animals in human history

Red pandas and 20 other amazing animals of Asia

Our latest issue is packed with amazing facts and stunning images, from how the Amur leopard is clawing its way back from the brink of extinction, to a life in the year of a grizzly bear
akita dog magic

Magic for dogs

A magician shows some dogs his tricks, and their reactions are truly priceless!
giraffe skull

13 interesting animal skulls

Though we can recognise most animals instantly, their skulls look completely different to how we might expect
Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 17.25.48

Animal sleep strategies

Sleep is crucial for survival and animals have evolved different strategies to get enough rest while staying safe from predators
Ocean animals

Why whales are so big

Whales evolved their enormous size because they were not constrained by living on land. A large volume of food was available during their evolution, and the bigger animals were more likely to survive predator attacks.

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