Where are the best places to see red squirrels in the UK?

This elusive critter has several secret hideaways where it can be spotted scurrying through the trees hiding nuts and seeds for the approaching winter     1. Brownsea Island The largest island in Poole harbour is Brownsea, and the entire island … Continued

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Ocean animals

9 Weird and wonderful jellyfish of the world

The underwater phenomena with a species list so diverse it ranges from the harmless floating creatures of the ocean to life-threatening killing machines.


How to avoid a hippo attack

Responsible for more human deaths than any other, this mammal is one of the planet’s deadliest. Here is our guide to avoiding a hippo attack.


Why are cats and dogs born blind?

Have you ever wondered why cats and dogs are born blind but other animals are able to open their eyes and even walk after birth?


Japanese macaques like to take baths

Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, are famous in Japan for their unusual behaviour; they are the only primate that actively chooses to chill in the snow.


How do giraffes drink without passing out?

With their elongated necks and spindly legs, it’s easy to assume most activities are pretty awkward for a giraffe, so how does it manage to keep itself hydrated without collapsing?

Q and A

Do all animals have eyelids?

For humans, eyelids are crucial for keeping our eyeballs clean and moist on dry land, but many animals have different solutions.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Are Komodo dragons venomous?

Komodo dragons are some of the most fascinating reptiles on Earth, but are these large dragons capable of delivering a venomous bite?


Why do sloths hang upside down?

Sloths eat leaves with very little nutritional value; in fact, it takes up to a month for their food to digest. They eat just enough to store energy for the limited movements they make, but otherwise, there isn’t much leftover … Continued


Where did big cats come from?

We all love cats and it seems the world has gone cat mad. But just how much do we know about where they came from?


Find out why the hippo is so dangerous in Issue 29

Discover how to avoid a hippo attack, meet the planet’s coolest amphibians and explore the wildlife of Majestic India in our latest issue.  Here’s a sneak peak to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out! Did you know hippos kill almost 3,000 hippos each … Continued

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Insects & more

You wouldn’t believe how bees communicate

Honey bees have their own ingenious method of communicating, enabling them to direct the other members of their colony to food, water or a new place for habitation.

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