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Why do crocodiles cry?

Believe it or not, crocodiles do actually shed tears from time to time

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Does a black widow eat its mate?

After mating with a male, the female black widow does actually eat him – simply because he is the closest highly nutritious meal

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5 Reasons to love a sloth

    Reason 1 -They’d never let you out of their sight There are six different species of sloth, but generally the family is divided up into two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths. They’re slightly different in their behaviour, but what’s … Continued

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How do some earless frogs hear?

A Panamanian golden frog doesn’t actually have any ears, instead this creature uses its lungs to hear vibrations and movement

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How do oysters mate?

Oysters mate through releasing millions of sperm in attempt to fertilise the 100 million eggs each female oyster produces per year.


Which whale can hold its breath the longest?

Whales are known for being able to hold their breath for long periods of time, but which can hold its breath the longest? The most extreme breath-holding whale is the cuvier’s beaked whale. A recent study attached satellite tags to … Continued


How does animal imprinting work?

In the early stages of a bird or mammal’s life they will naturally imprint on their mother, observing and learning from her so that they can survive.

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Win an Adopt-a-Turtle!

We have teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society to offer one lucky winner a turtle adoption!   Turtle adopters will receive: An adorable fluffy turtle hatchling Talk Turtle – a twice a year enewsletter, which contains news, stories and fantastic photos … Continued


What do monkeys talk about?

A lot of species have extremely specific calls that they can use to communicate detailed information about what’s going on around them.

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