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Top 5: Miniature animals

You can call them pygmy, miniature or dwarf animals, but no matter how small they are, tiny creatures make our hearts swell to new proportions.

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5 Facts about axolotls

Here are five reasons why the axolotl should be your new favourite animal

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Top 5 must-have gifts for animal lovers in issue 34!

There is still one more day to pick up our latest issue! As well as stunning images and fun, informative articles all about sea turtles, bats and Amur leopards, don’t miss our Creature Comforts wishlist which features our must-have items for animal lovers. … Continued


Bald eagle superpowers

The majestic predator is the national bird of the United States, chosen as a symbol of strength and freedom.

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Why do crocodiles cry?

Believe it or not, crocodiles do actually shed tears from time to time

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Does a black widow eat its mate?

After mating with a male, the female black widow does actually eat him – simply because he is the closest highly nutritious meal

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5 Reasons to love a sloth

    Reason 1 -They’d never let you out of their sight There are six different species of sloth, but generally the family is divided up into two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths. They’re slightly different in their behaviour, but what’s … Continued

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