Wake me up in spring

Many animals tuck themselves away to avoid the cold of winter, but these sleepy creatures are among the few true hibernators


Defying Gravity

When it comes to the laws of physics, these awesome acrobats don’t play by the rules

Reptiles & Amphibians

10 fun frog facts

You probably learned the frog lifecycle at school – here are some facts your teacher won’t have mentioned

Q and A

Why do cats purr?

There are several reasons for that satisfying sound


Can animals be kind?

Animals often make selfish decisions to survive, but there are good deeds throughout the animal kingdom


Go nuts for squirrels in issue 64!

In our latest issue you’ll discover 10 things you never knew you loved about the bushy-tailed squirrel Take a sneak peek of the issue below.   From furry gliding parachutes to cunning fake food burials, squirrels are charismatic and intelligent … Continued


Land of Ice and Fire

Argentina may not have the Amazon Rainforest or a Caribbean coastline like many of its neighbours in South America, but that’s not to say it doesn’t offer a wildlife bonanza all of its own…


Top 10 pig facts

You may think you know this farmyard animal, but the pig is full of surprises

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How do ducks float?

Spending most of their time on the water, it’s important that ducks stay afloat. Luckily, they’ve evolved several features that make them buoyant.

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Why are cows sacred in India?

In India, cows are respected, decorated and allowed to wander wherever they please – but why?


Shooting Skippy

Australia’s love of kangaroos is far from universal – a controversial new film that stoked the fires of a national debate has just qualified for the 2018 Academy Awards


How animals keep their cool

While we can break out the fans, iced drinks and air conditioning, animals have had to come up with more creative ways of coping when they start feeling the heat


Elephant encounters

Magnificent in every way, the world’s largest land mammal is also one of the animal kingdom’s most intelligent creatures, and you can see it with your own eyes

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