Life’s a beach

Head to the beach this summer for life-changing seaside encounters

Ocean animals

Surprising Shark Facts

They have a bad reputation, but sharks are rather remarkable creatures


Go swimming with pigs in issue 61

As the heatwave continues, come face to face with the green turtles and 12 other life-changing seaside encounters. In our latest issue, go swimming with pigs in The Bahamas, see penguins on South African sands and sunbathe with kangaroos in Australia. … Continued


Meet the treehuggers

Hugging trees is scientifically proven to be good for our health, but it’s absolutely vital for these arboreal animals


Top 10 lion facts

The lions are in the spotlight, so here are some facts about the powerful predators


Bees know nothing

For the first time, an insect has shown an understanding of the number zero

Q and A

Why do some animals have blue blood?

Science fiction writers use blood that isn’t red to emphasise the extraterrestrial, but you don’t have to go into space to find species with blue or green blood


Shocking species

Animals that use electricity to search, hunt and kill


Real-life rhino encounters

Now is the time to pack your bags and set off on an expedition to meet some of the world’s largest and most endangered animals in their natural habitat

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