Win a family pass to Monkey World!

Would you like the chance to learn all about our closest relatives? Visit Monkey World, the chimpanzee rescue centre in Dorset to get up close to some incredible primates. We’re offering readers a chance to win a family pass.   … Continued


5 reasons you need to read our latest issue

Our new issue is now on sale and it’s our best edition yet. Filled with stunning images, astounding facts and detailed illustrations, this magazine is not to be missed   1. Meet the rarest cat on Earth Learn all about … Continued


Win the chance to put a rhino to bed

Ever fancied putting a rhino to bed? Well Rhino Snores at Chessington Zoo gives you the opportunity to prepare their rhinos for bedtime. You’ll meet the zoo’s specialist rhino keeper, who will guide you through the preparations for making a … Continued

Animal Types

Alien invasion!

Across the globe, fragile ecosystems are threatened by the arrival of invasive species – aggressive, adaptable animals from overseas, who quickly dominate their new surroundings

Reptiles & Amphibians

Save the frogs!

Frogs have colonised almost every corner of the planet, from the frozen Arctic tundra to the dry deserts of Namibia, but a third of all species are in danger of extinction


Amazing underground animal-homes

Meet the burrowers! There’s a whole world of wildlife living under your feet. Going underground is an essential part of survival for these mammals


10 fantastic fox facts

You may recognise the red fox, but what about the kit or swift fox? Find out all about these cat-like carnivores with these bite-sized facts

Reptiles & Amphibians

How do electric eels hunt?

Discover how the electric eel shocks its unsuspecting prey into submission


How do sperm whales defend their young?

Discover how these cetaceans form a protective barrier between vulnerable pod members and potential threats like orcas As well as being the largest toothed whale and one of the deepest diving mammals on the planet, the sperm whale also has … Continued


Does issue 41 get your seal of approval?

Find out what makes seals the masters of the ocean, why humpback whales sing and which animals survive the most extreme conditions in our latest issue. Here’s a sneak peak of issue 41 so you know what you’ve got to look … Continued


Win a chance to dine with the sharks!

Are you looking for a special location for your anniversary, birthday or to propose to your loved one? Then The Deep’s tunnel dining experience could be for you. Worth £175, this experience will let you dine privately in a tunnel … Continued

Reptiles & Amphibians

Life cycle of the Tree Frog

Discover how the elusive red-eyed tree frog begins its life in water before moving to land


Weird wild cats you never knew existed

Everyone knows about lions and tigers, but some of nature’s lesser known felines are just as fascinating. Meet the unusual cats that prefer life outside the spotlight


Animal self-defence experts

Predation is a natural part of animal life but some creatures put up a fight with weird and wonderful defence mechanisms


Is it too late to save the Polar Bear?

As climate change melts the ice they need to survive, these icons of the Far North, famed for their strength, endurance and courage, are facing a huge threat to their existence


Snake slayers

Able to survive attacks that would kill a human in a matter of minutes, could the unassuming-looking mongoose be the toughest predator on Earth?


Monkeys behaving badly

Naughty monkeys are everywhere and although these primates haven’t (yet) shown a taste for rock’n’roll, they certainly have a penchant for sex, drugs, and daylight robbery


A guide to spotting rare UK wildlife

The UK shores are home to a variety of rare wildlife. No matter where you are located in the country, there’s always an opportunity to spot a rare animal if you know where to look.

Ocean animals

Will sharks be wiped out for good?

These prehistoric predators lived through four mass extinction events and survived what the dinosaurs couldn’t, but sadly overfishing may see these fearsome fish wiped out for good

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