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Why aren’t the biggest animals the fastest?

It’s common knowledge that bigger animals like dogs and horses are faster than little creatures like ants and mice, so why aren’t elephants the fastest runners?

Q and A

Do all animals sleep?

It’s no secret that we humans love our sleep. Without it, brain function rapidly degenerates, and we’re not the only ones this affects.


Take a leap into issue 48

Pick up our latest issue to discover the secrets of the rainforest, find the best spots across the globe to see bears in the wild and join the hunt for the lost species.   Here’s a sneak peak of issue 48 … Continued


Nature’s beauty secrets

It’s not just humans that like to enhance their appearance: animals have beauty regimes too!


Palm cockatoos: does Phil Collins have competition?

Tool use is rare in the animal world, and it’s almost always used for getting to food. Almost always; it’s been discovered that a bird living in Queensland uses its tool-making ability in a rather more creative way.


Volunteering at ZSL London Zoo

Around the world, dedicated volunteers make important conservation and charity work possible. 1-7 June was National Volunteer Week, an annual celebration and call to action, so I went to experience a day in the life of a Learning Volunteer at … Continued


How do animals look after their teeth?

Humans spend a lot of time and money on keeping their teeth clean and bright, but there’s no floss or mouthwash in the animal world, so how do other species keep their teeth in working order?


10 facts for World Giraffe Day

Today is World Giraffe Day! The celebration of the long-necked animal falls on the longest day or night of the year, depending where you are on the planet. It was started four years ago by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) … Continued


Go swimming with sharks in issue 47!

Summer is finally here and we’ve got a new issue filled with fun, informative features to brighten your day! In our latest issue meet the clownfish and 10 other animals that form unusual friendships, discover nature’s beauty secrets amd go … Continued


Critically endangered: the western lowland gorilla

Philadelphia zoo welcomed a baby western lowland gorilla to their troop last week. Their new little boy will be looked after and kept safe, but his relatives in the wild face a much less certain future.


Smallest of their kind

  There’s a huge diversity in the animal kingdom, and sometimes the little guys get overlooked.

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