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Are all spider webs the same?

There are in fact different kinds of spider web, which vary depending on the species. Once you learn to recognise the different patters of web, you will be able to tell which type of spider made it. Orb webs are … Continued

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Can chickens be hypnotised?

There is an abundance of videos and websites online claiming that it is possible to hypnotise a chicken. They claim that by holding the chicken’s head down to the ground and drawing a straight line from the beak extending outwards … Continued

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6 Birds that can’t fly

Birds fly to migrate, search for food, or to escape predators but some species have found other ways to overcome these needs rendering the need to fly useless

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Rare lion cub triplets born at Cotswold Wildlife Park

The Park’s pair of rare Asiatic Lions, Rana and Kanha, have made history with their very first litter. Their cubs are the first Lion triplets to be born at Cotswold Wildlife Park since it opened in 1970


Meet the top 5 animal athletes in issue 36

Our latest issue is now on sale! As well as stunning images and fun, informative articles all about bears, sharks and honeybees, don’t miss our Animal Olympians feature which highlights the animals that could give human athletes a run for their money. Here’s … Continued

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Our UK butterfly identification guide

If you plan on exploring the great outdoors of Great Britain this summer, you will likely encounter a variety of different butterflies


Why goldfish make awesome pets

The humble goldfish: They’re not really cuddly, but fish are cute in their own special way and make truly fantastic pets

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Top 5: Miniature animals

You can call them pygmy, miniature or dwarf animals, but no matter how small they are, tiny creatures make our hearts swell to new proportions.

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