Going wild in Ethiopia

Better known for its early human remains, Africa’s oldest independent country is beginning to step out of the shadows of the continent’s more familiar safari destinations.


Unravel the mystery of the ghost cat in our brand new issue

Discover how to live alongside America’s elusive mountain lion in our latest issue.  Here’s a sneak peak to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out! Would you know a mountain lion if you saw one? Learning more about mountain lions is the only … Continued


Win a zookeeper for a day experience!

Win a Keeper for a Day experience for the once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with some of ZSL London Zoo’s most popular animals. Get a unique insight into the day-to-day life of the zoo’s … Continued


Golden animals

For our 50th issue, we take a look at nature’s golden creatures


Bovine body art

 Using art to educate farmers about the welfare of their cows


Huge 50th issue giveaway!

To celebrate the 50th issues of World of Animals, we’re giving away over £1000 worth of prizes


Celebrating 50 issues!

Issue 50 of World of Animals is now on sale! To celebrate this special 50th edition, we’ve created a list of the greatest animal icons and why we love them. Here’s a sneak peak of the issue:   From conservation … Continued


Nature Diaries: Rwandan Gorillas

2017 is the fiftieth anniversary of Dian Fossey’s Gorilla Fund – Daniel Allen headed to Volcanoes National Park in northwestern Rwanda to see how her apes are faring


The real Grumpy Cat

Known for its expressive face, the Pallas’ cat has plenty of reasons to be as grumpy as it looks


Best animal bums

These animals never complain about being the butt of jokes – they put their bizarre back ends to good use


Bee amazed by issue 49!

Find out if the queen bee really rules the hive, which animals use their bottoms for more than just sitting, and why the day octopus is a master of disguise in our latest issue. Here’s a sneak peak of issue … Continued

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