Do animals experience the menopause?

Yes, some apes and whales continue living after they are no longer able to have children. Most species aren’t wired to live after they lose fertility, but one species stays in charge even when their offspring are old enough to have children of their own, Female orcas can’t get pregnant after the age of 50, but can live at least another 50 years after menopause/ The oldest female leads the pod and her sons stay with her until the day she dies. The grandmother swims at the front and directs the group’s movements as they travel the ocean. In 2014 it was discovered that an orca born in the 1930s was still alive and was estimated to be 103 years old. Nicknamed Granny and marked with distinctive notches in her dorsal fin, the orca was spotted returning fro, a 1.300 kilometre (800 mile) trip along the California coastline with her pod.


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