Do animals have fingerprints?

Primates, koalas and some possums have fingerprints that can be compared to those of humans.


Koala fingerprints are almost identical to human prints, even under a microscope, and it’s thought that the ridges in their fingers help them grip tree branches.


gorilla hand print, do animals have fingerprints
Gorilla handprints.


While only a few animals have fingerprints, many species have unique patterns or traits that can be used to tell them apart. Dogs and pigs have individual nose prints, while every tiger has slightly different stripes. The dorsal fins and tail flukes of dolphins and whales become unique as the animal ages and their fins get damaged through normal wear and tear, which helps researchers easily identify individual animals. Computer software has even been designed to tell the difference between dorsal fins of bottlenose dolphins, helping scientists track their movements and feeding habits.


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