What do stingrays eat?

Sting rays are carnivorous, meaning their diet consists of other animals, they never eat plants. Mostly, other little creatures that live beneath the sand like worms, shrimp and squid. Alongside these small ocean animals, they may eat small fish. clams,oysters, and even sea snails. To help crack into these crustaceans they have jaw teeth to crush through shells and eat their snacks.

This is why their mouth is on the underside of their bodies, and why they are usually seen on the seabed, it allows them to scan the ocean floor and vacuum in small animals, or even dead matter they discover while on the hunt. Because their eyes are right on the top of their head, they can’t see their prey, so they use their sense of smell and the electric field sense common to all sharks. These amazing animals are relatively peaceful hunters, known as ‘bottom feeders’ and although they have a large stinger, they only use it for self-defence – it doesn’t help them catch any food.

As they are related to sharks, they have electrical sensors call ampullae of Lorenzini, these help the sting ray track electrical charges and find potential prey.



How do stingrays eat?


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