What mammal migrates the furthest?

One species of whale swims the length of the entire Pacific Ocean… and back

Grey whales migrate up and down the western coast of the USA every year. New evidence has emerged that suggests there is an isolated population of whales that live along the north-east coast of Russia. This group travels from Sakhalin Island in Russia all the way to Baja California in Mexico, before turning around and heading back.

This journey is 22,500 kilometres (14,000 miles) and takes the whales around 170 days, which is just short of six months. The whales swim 215 kilometres (133 miles) per day to finish this mammoth journey. This isolated population is estimated to consist of 30 whales and according to researchers their DNA suggests they are genetically different from those along the US coast.

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Image from flickr.com/photos/ryanh