Binturongs smell like buttered popcorn

The binturong is sometimes called the ‘bearcat’, but it’s related to neither bears nor cats. It is an arboreal carnivore that mostly eats fruit and it never needs to touch the ground.

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How to make a butterfly feeder

Butterflies are the iconic insects of summer and this guide will teach you how to attract winged beauties to your garden

dolphin bends
Ocean animals

How do dolphins avoid the bends?

The threat from decompression sickness, or the bends, is very real for scuba divers but dolphins and whales have evolved to avoid this problem

Ocean animals

Whales are right handed… sort of

Many whale species like orcas show a bias for their right hand side when searching for prey, but nobody knows quite why just yet


5 AMAZING facts about dire wolves

Game of Thrones introduced dire wolves to the world and our latest issue tells us all about their unfortunate extinction, but here are a few facts about them you never knew before

cheetah world of animals magazine

5 reasons you need to read our latest issue

Our new issue is now on sale and it’s our best edition yet. Filled with stunning images, astounding facts and detailed illustrations, this magazine is not to be missed

great white shark
Ocean animals

How to draw a great white shark

While it takes 15 years for a great white to reach full size, this video tutorial shows you how to draw one of the ocean’s most feared predators in less than three minutes.


Is Jurassic Park possible?

It’s the question we’re all asking – is it possible to bring dinosaurs back from the dead?

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Is megalodon still alive?

Though said to be long extinct, reports of megalodon sightings keep the world guessing

darwin's rhea
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Introducing Darwin’s rhea

Get familiar with a bird you might have never heard of before and watch the fluffy chicks explore the world for the first time

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Chimpanzee VS drone: WATCH

When a film crew at Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnham, Netherlands deployed a drone over the chimp enclosure they had no idea what they were about to capture


Why we love rats

Our red panda issue features an amazing article about rats, and here we explain what makes them some of the coolest animals on the planet

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What if lions went extinct?

A new report by the IUCN says that lions have decreased by 42 per-cent since 1993, and we discuss what would happen if these big cats died out


5 animal myths busted

It’s often hard to separate the fact from the fiction, but the following five widely believed statements are in fact, fiction

butterflies drink turtle tears

Butterflies drink turtle tears

It might sound crazy, but it’s absolutely true and some intrepid insects even target the tears of more dangerous animals

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