Wild Mexico

Despite being known the world over for its colourful Day of the Dead festivities, this vast and varied land once ruled over by the Mayans and Aztecs is actually brimming with life


Mother Nature

Parental love is an unbreakable bond, and each species has its own unique approach to caring for a baby


Magnificent moustaches

Humans aren’t the only ones to grow moustaches and beards; several members of the animal kingdom sport facial hair and feathers with varying degrees of usefulness


Remembering Great Apes

A Kickstarter has just launched for a beautiful new photographic book – a follow-up to Remembering Elephants and Remembering Rhinos

Ocean animals

Can fish drown?

Can you drown when you live in water?


Gift-giving animals

These generous creatures show that the right present can be the key to winning another’s heart


Wildlife Travel in 2018

If you really want to get away from it all this year, head out into the wilderness and spend time with some of Earth’s most fascinating animals


The mammals that defy age

In case naked mole rats weren’t weird enough already, scientists now think they could live forever

Reptiles & Amphibians

Golden wonder rediscovered

Just six months after a campaign was launched to find the world’s ‘most wanted’ missing species, the first one has turned itself in

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