11 animals that will make you wish you had a pokéball

This gallery features impossibly cute animals that we would love to take home if we could (but we never would, of course)

1. Huon tree kangaroo

These cuddly-looking marsupials are found on the island of Papua New Guinea, though they rarely touch the ground. Spending most of their lives in trees, these kangaroos are the masters of navigating through the treetops.

huon tree kangaroo


2. Irwawaddy dolphin

Don’t be fooled by the rounded heads or smooth, shiny skin, these creatures are from this planet. They inhabit coastal areas of south-east Asia, but are able to tolerate water of different salinities so are often seen in rivers and estuaries.irawaddy dolphin


3. Baby spider

Even arachnophobes should be able to admit that this multi-legged creature is utterly adorable. It’s a species of jumping spider, and they only reach two centimetres (0.8 inches) in size. They can jump up to 50 times their body length though, which is pretty impressive.
baby jumping spider

4. Saiga

This antelope really exists and is native to Kazakhstan. The bizarre trunk is there to warm up the cold winter air when temperatures plummet each year.
saiga antelope


5. Solenodon

This is the only venomous mammal on the planet. They are native to islands of Central America and reach 32 centimetres (13 inches) in length. It is considered a living fossil, having remained unchanged for 76 million years.Hispaniolan solenodon


6. Western pygmy possum

Though it might look small, this mammal is fully grown. At a weight of only 13 grams (half an ounce), this is the largest species in its family. They are generally nocturnal, but can be seen at dawn and dusk.western pygmy possum


7. Slender loris

This bizarre mammal has enormous eyes to help it see in the dark. Their nights are spent hunting insects in the jungles of Sri Lanka, and in daylight groups of lorises sleep cuddled up. They tend to sleep with their head tucked between their legs, probably to block out the pesky sun.
slender loris


8. Giant squirrel

You might think the squirrels in your back garden are big, but these giants reach a metre (three feet) in length. They are extremely territorial and announce when they are about to leave their nest in the morning to warn other squirrels to back off.giant squirrel


9. Binturong

Also known as the ‘bear cat’, this tree-dwelling mammal sleeps with its tail curled around tree branches. It is one of only two animals that can eat toxic strangler figs, and its musk smells vaguely of popcorn.binturong

10. Pink undwering caterpillar

This Australian species repels predators by revealing its startling disguise. When threatened, the caterpillar displays large eyespots and several rows of what appear to be white teeth.
pink underwing caterpillar weird teeth


11. Lilac-breasted roller

These stunning birds are found high in treetops looking out for juicy insects to catch. Both males and females develop this spectacular plumage, and they perform a belly dance to attract mates.

lilac-breasted roller


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