12 animals that are impossible to spot

1. There’s a bird in here somewhereR8H174Y

2. Can you see the parrot?xz5FORy

3. You’ll kick yourself when you see itYsf385J

4. You’re not spotting this in a hurry

5. You’re looking for a wolf…VbTs5fz

6. Beware of the sand80q6Qss

7. EYE see youstpa2Mf

8. There’s no wonder we don’t see them in the dayxqzHysP

9. Good luck with this oneqrxR3Wq

10. You might want to try the bottom right cornerof4gq8T

11. It’s a bird, but how many are there?Bk6iSlx

12. We’re not telling you this one!



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