14 more adorable animal parents

1. Crane invasion

crane family

2. Fuzzy penguin chicksbaby penguin

3. Family outinglion family

4. Coatis crossing the roadcoati family

5. A tree full of bearsBear family

6. Chimp familychimp family

7. Meerkat babiesmeerkat family

8. Proud emperor penguinsemperor penguin family

9. Baby giraffe getting some lovegiraffe family

10. Momma polar bearPolar bear family

11. Deer familyDeer family

12. Killer whale podnrkw_from_above01

13. Ewe look great! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist)LBXakBu

14. Three generations of chimpschimpanzee-goodall-gombe-tanzania_81644_990x742

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