17 animal parents guaranteed to melt your heart

1. Koala cuddlesbaby koala

2. Baby crane

crane chick

3. Newborn polar bear

polar bear cub

4. Snuggly sea otter

sea otter pup

5. Taking a swim

bear cub swimming

6. Hidden under fluff

plover chicks

7. Gripping the tail

fox cub

8. Real-life Lion King

lion cub

9. Happy family

Prairie dog family

10. Baby giraffe

giraffe mother baby

11. Hitching a lift

snail mother baby

12. Under my wings

dove mother baby

13. Penguin-chick soup

penguin chicks

14. Llama kiss

llama alpaca mother baby

15. Flamingo flock

Flamingo chicks

16. Proud albatross parents

albatross chick

17. Baby sea lion

sea lion mother baby


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Images from imgur.com/a/tRDzf