17 of the most incredible animal photos ever taken

A collection of some of the most interesting, surprising and downright beautiful animal images of all time

1. This mother cat walked through flames five times to save her kittens from a burning building in Brooklyn, NYC and survivedmother cat walks through fire to save kittens

2. A dolphin surprises a surfer by emerging through a breaking wavedolphin surprises surfer

3. A lucky fish escapes a pelican’s beakfish escapes pelican beak

4. An elephant seal leaps out at a photographerelephant seal

5. A giraffe family dote upon their new arrivalbaby giraffe

6. The world through a tadpole’s eyestadpoles

7. Octopus eggsOctopus eggs

8. A mammoth tusk unearthed from a Siberian river bedmammoth tusk siberian river bed

9. A fair of male and female superb fairy wrensSuperb fairy wrens

10. A bird landing on its own page in an identification guide
bird lapwing book

11. A dragonfly covered in morning dewdragonfly dew

12. A cow rendered fluffy from being shampooedfluffy cow

13. A newly discovered species of planthopper nicknamed the troll doll bug
troll doll bug planthopper

14. A frog sails its very own boatfrog boat

15. Newly hatched parrots before their feathers begun to growparrot chick

16. Cobalt blue tarantulablue tarantula

17. Bald eagle taking a drinkbald eagle drink


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