2015: The year of the goat

1. Goats live in a hierarchy led by a king and queen

2. They don’t like water, and seek shelter when it rains

3. Just like cows, goats have a four-chambered stomach and regurgitate their food to chew more

4.Goats were the first animals used for milk, and are still more widely milked than cows

5. The horns of a goat are hollow

6. Chewing on random objects helps goats investigate strange items, meaning they are curious rather than greedy

7. Goats have accents that change as the animal gets older

8. Mountain goats are extremely nimble footed and are able to climb sheer rock faces and trees

9. Kids can be born with horns

10. Goats alter their behaviour depending on which direction nearby humans are facing


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Image from flickr.com/photos/bagsgroove