3 reasons you can’t miss the new issue of World of Animals

001_WOA_006Curved2Here’s why you can’t miss the latest issue of World of Animals magazine‚Ķ

Wild horses of America

Learn all about mustangs, the wild horses of America. Discover how and why they came to roam free, and uncover a year in the life of these graceful creatures.

World of animals issue 6 Wild horses

Inside the mind of a killer whale

Get inside the mind of a killer whale, and explore the antics of these epic underwater mavericks. Learn their incredible hunting tactics, how they work as a team, and their amazing sonar abilities.

World of animals issue 6 Killer whale

30 unbelievable facts about chimpanzees

Can chimpanzees swim? How do chimpanzees communicate?
Discover 30 unbelievable facts about humanity’s closest relative, from the amazing to the peculiar.

World of animals issue 6 Chimpanzees

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Where can I buy World of Animals magazine?

Grab your copy from the Imagine Shop now, or download a digital version for your Apple device from iTunes, or Android device from Googe Play.