5 facts about elephants

They have sensitive skin
The wrinkly skin of an elephant is so sensitive that it can feel a single fly landing on it.

Their close relatives look like guinea pigs
Elephants are related to sea cows, like manatees, but also to the rock hyrax. This is a small furry mammal that lives in rocky landscapes across sub-Saharan Africa and along the Arabian peninsula.

They have six toes
Elephants have evolved a sixth toe that starts off as cartilage and turns to bone. This helps the elephant to better support its weight.

Elephants can recognise themselves
Regarded as an animal of high intelligence, elephants can, like great apes, dolphins, magpies and human toddlers, recognise themselves when seen in a mirror.

They can communicate through the ground
Elephants can communicate over large distances by producing a sub-sonic rumble that travels faster than sound through the air. This is then picked up by others thanks to their sensitive feet and trunks.