5 reasons to read issue 23

Here are five reasons why you should be picking up a copy of the latest issue of World of Animals.


1. Decode the songbird’s call

Find out why birds sing in the latest issue, discover some of the world’s most beautiful songbirds and even learn how to play one of the cardinal’s songs.


2. Be amazed by animals that walk on water

Our ‘Walking on Water’ gallery highlights some of the incredible species that defy gravity by skimming the water’s surface.


3. Uncover the weirdest animal diets

Imagine eating nothing but ice cream. We reveal some of the world’s pickiest eaters and most unusual eating habits.


4. Meet the real king of the swingers

Small on brains but big on swinging, gibbons are masters of the jungle’s trees. Learn how to identify different species and what makes the lesser ape so special.


5. Find out how we can save the rhino from extinction

The iconic rhino is being driven to extinction and drastic action needs to be taken. We highlight the plight of the rhino and the measures that could be taken to save it.

Don’t forget 10% of World of Animals profits go to rhino conservation. Yet another reason to buy a copy now!