5 reasons why you can’t miss the new issue of World of Animals

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest, greatest issue of World of Animals, and five stonking reasons why you really shouldn’t miss it…

1. The weirdest birds on the planet

From the prehistoric to the downright bizarre, be wowed by some unbelievable birds that actually exist.

World of Animals magazine issue 102. An insect that builds prison cells

The organ pipe mud dauber (so-called for the amazing architectural structures they achieve) builds intricate prison cells to keep their victims captive, able to hold prey until they’re ready to be fed to their young. Now that’s what you call fresh food.

World of Animals magazine issue 103. The hidden heritage of man’s best friend

Explore the fascinating diversity of dogs, and how even the smallest of Chihuahua to the largest of mastiffs descended from one lowly grey wolf, at the dawn of the Ice Age.

World of Animals magazine issue 104. The stealthiest big cat on Earth

Learn everything about the most elusive big cat on Earth, from the unbelievable instincts of a leopard mother, to inside the big cat’s den.

World of Animals magazine issue 105. A squirrel that kills deer

You read that right. Yes, this carnivorous squirrel drops down on a deer, bites a hole in its neck and lets it bleed to death. This elusive little fella is just one of a whole bundle of unusual suspects that made it to our cute but deadly animals list.

World of Animals magazine issue 10Where can I buy World of Animals magazine?

… at good newsagents, WHSmiths It’s all yours for just £3.99. Or grab a copy from the Imagine Shop, and have it delivered straight to your door. Or, save megabucks and download a digital version for your Apple or Android device.

World of Animals issue 10