5 reasons you can’t miss the latest edition of World of Animals

Hitting the shelves on Thursday 30th October, this stunning issue of World of Animals is crammed with amazing facts, breathtaking images and all things weird and wonderful. You can get your hands on a copy in Tesco, WHSmith, Sainsburys and ASDA, or you can order it online. It’s also available to download digitally from the Apple newsstand or Google Play, or you can get yourself a bargain by subscribing online!


1. Step into the life of a polar bear in one of the most extreme environments on the planet and learn how these giants survive against all odds.




2. Learn 12 of the top places on the world to see red squirrel, from the Scottish highlands to South America




3. See an exclusive illustration of inside a red kangaroo that you can’t see anywhere else and learn what makes these outback jumpers tick.




4. Get inside the minds of some of the cleverest creatures on Earth, from the killer whales that experience more emotions than humans to the mathematical ability of the honey bee.




5. This issue brings you the chance to WIN family memberships to Marwell Zoo for two adults and two children – just answer the question here.


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