World of Animals new issue is now on sale

Frozen planet and the animals of Borneo are just two features in the latest issue. Here are five reasons why you can’t miss it.

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1.  Learn which animals are the masters of surviving the icy plains.

How the animals at the poles are adapted to survive the bitter cold, and which animals live at which pole. You might be surprised…




2. Discover what a snow leopard’s life is really like.

Get lost in the 10-page spectacular about the majestic snow leopard, and peer into their lives from the safety of your own living room



3. Meet the biggest bugs on Earth

Compare the size of the world’s most colossal creepy crawlies, like the moth that’s larger than a human head!



4. Wonder at the underwater world

Experience the underwater world like never before and meet species you may have never even heard of.



5. Uncover the unbelievable  animals of Borneo

Take a trip to the remote island of Borneo and marvel at flying foxes, bearded pigs and the sun bear’s freakishly long tongue.



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Peek inside the new edition of World of Animals