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Our new issue is now on sale and it’s our best edition yet. Filled with stunning images, astounding facts and detailed illustrations, this magazine is not to be missed

1. Uncover the 8 best predators on Earth

Meet the greatest hunters on the planet, from a spider that designs a purpose-built home to the African wild dogs that dominate the savannah. Uncover the secret bloodthirsty nature of our closest relatives and the monsters that roam the American deserts.

african wild dogs
Though they may be cute, these canines are serious predators that will stop at nothing to make a kill

2. Journey to the Himalayas without leaving the house

Meet the animals that survive the highest peaks on the planet. Read about the rainbow-coloured monal pheasant that uses sign language to communicate, and see how species spread out at different altitudes.

Himalayan monal pheasant
These colourful birds look like they could be the inspiration for Kevin in Pixar’s ‘Up’

3. Learn why you should be afraid of ostriches

Get familiar with the world’s baddest bird and find out how an ostrich reaches the speeds that award it the fastest thing on two legs. Bust the myths that surround the species and discover their loving parenting techniques.

Ostriches can kick with a force equal to a champion boxer so don’t get too close

4. See wild whales

Our ultimate guide to whale watching reveals how to recognise iconic ocean mammals. Learn to identify animals in seconds by comparing fins and seeing exactly how each species behaves at the surface.

whale watching
Our whale expert gives advice on how to find elusive ocean mammals

5. Get face to face with the kings of the night

Discover the truth about the infamous vampire bat and see how the smallest and largest bat species measure up. Surprise yourself with the contributions that bats make to protecting other species and even to humankind.

These incredible fliers range from the size of a bumblebee to bigger than a fox


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