6 Reasons you can’t miss the new issue of World of Animals

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1. You can visit the land of the lemurs

The latest issue is crammed full of all things lemur, from the enormous indri to the tiny mouse lemur, so you can learn about species you’ve never heard of before!



2. Learn the differences between chimps and bonobos

We compare ape species, and as similar as they might look their behaviour could not be more different.




3. You can leap into the life of a lioness

This issue takes you into the world of one of the most dedicated mothers on earth – the lioness. Peer into her world with this month’s issue.




4. We give you 25 facts about dolphins

Ddi you know that dolphins have X-ray vision? Read 25 amazing dolphin facts in this issue!




5. Surround yourself with extinct giants

Journey into the past and discover the giants animals that once roamed the Earth, and exactly how big they were.




6. You could WIN a VIP tour for 4 at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

The lucky winner will get a trip of a lifetime worth £400! Enter this competition here.




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