7 reasons why you can’t miss the new issue of World of Animals

It’s time. The silverback has landed… The newest issue of World of Animals is crammed with the latest, greatest animals on Earth. Grab your copy now from the Imagine Shop or download a digital version now.

And if you did need a little encouragement, here’s 7 reasons why this issue is one you cannot miss.

1. The ultimate alpha silverback

Be blown away by the power of the mighty silverback gorilla and how he protects his family.

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2. Find out why black bears rule

All you need to know about North America’s most populous bear and how and why it reigns supreme.

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3. Discover the weirdest lizards on Earth

See some of the world’s most bizarre reptiles and their crazy survival strategies, like the leaf-tailed gecko that screams if it’s disturbed.



4. Learn how humpback whales talk

Share the secrets behind the songs of the humpback whale and get closer to their underwater world.



5. There’s 20 things you never knew about horses

Did you know their memory is second only to elephants? And they can hear up to 3 miles away!



6. Underwater nemesis

Learn about the underwater battle between the immense sperm whale and the mysterious giant squid.



7. Explore Africa and the ‘big five’

Get up close to some of the greatest animals on Earth, check out their habitat and learn the secrets of the lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant and rhinoceros.




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