New Amur leopard cub at Marwell Wildlife takes first steps outside

Marwell Zoo are proud to present their newest arrival – an Amur leopard cub! The adorable female cub has taken her first step outside and can now be seen playing with her mother, Kaia, and exploring her new home.
This new arrival is fantastic news for leopard conservation. The Aumr leopard is under serious risk of extinction, but with the help of the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP) the leopard family has a new member. An Amur leopard reintroduction plan is currently being considered and looks more hopeful with each new arrival.
Marwell Zoo are asking for help naming the new female cub, and you can vote for your favourite name online! The options are:
*       ‘Kanika’- a mix of her parents names, Kaia and Akin.
*       ‘Odessa’- a Russian name meaning ‘Wrathful’.
*       ‘Rayna’- a Russian Queen.

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