Are there any green mammals?

The short answer is no, there are no mammals that have naturally green fur. However, there is one mammal that becomes green during its life, and that mammal is the sloth. The sloth doesn’t start sprouting lime green fur when it reaches a certain age, the green tinge a sloth develops is actually from a plant.

Sloth hairs are long and coarse, and the older the sloth gets the more these hairs crack. These fibrous hairs create a perfect environment for green algae to cling to and start absorbing oxygen, but the sloth benefits from this algal growth as well. The green tinge from the algae helps camouflage the naturally brown sloth, and the sloth can even absorb extra nutrients from the algae through its hair and skin!

The algae is passed from the mother sloth to her young, and it has recently been discovered that this species of algae isn’t found anywhere else in the world except the furry backs of sloths!

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