Brighten up your January with issue 55!

With only one more week of January left, why not grab a copy of our latest issue for a bit of a pick me up?

Here’s a sneak peak of issue 55 to highlight why it’ll put a smile back on your face and a spring in your step…


Have you already given up on your New Year’s resolutions? Need some motivation? Check out these extreme animal makeovers. From the colour-changing chameleon, to the shape shifting transformer owl, meet the incredible species that are able to undergo shocking transformations.

We’ve been hitting the gym this month to burn off all the extra calories we consumed at Christmas, but do animals exercise to stay fit? In the animal kingdom, creatures don’t train to look trim – for them, body conditioning is life or death. Find out how bears stay shredded despite a lengthy nap and meet the guzzling goose that doesn’t need to prepare for a marathon.

Valentine’s Day is only three weeks away, but what have you got planned for the animal lover in your life? Have you got a mating ritual? Learn all about how flamingoes woo their mates by strutting their stuff. It might even inspire you to take your loved one dancing!

Or what about building a love nest? Discover how the pufferfish creates beautiful patterns on the ocean floor to attract a mate.


Enjoy the issue!