Dolphins: your ultimate guide

Our newest issue is packed with amazing facts and stunning images, from dolphin hunting techniques to mongoose myths

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We’re so excited about our dolphin issue that we’re giving you a sneaky peek inside!

Our cover feature is all about dolphins, from the crazy sounds they make to their ability to recognise their own reflection. See how different dolphins around the world catch their fish and discover how these brainy mammals solve life’s problems. Get inside the mind of the most intelligent animal in the ocean and even compare their brains to your own.



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Get in touch with the elusive lynx and understand how it uses its senses to dominate its habitat. Did you know that a lynx can rotate its ears 180 degrees? They can even hear sounds three-times higher in pitch than humans can.

Impressive, right? Wait until you find out that scientists think lynxes can taste their prey even before they sink in their teeth. Get lost in the land of the lynx and get acquainted with five other incredible felines with super senses.


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Our ‘all about’ feature stars red squirrels this month. Follow the life of a squirrel from its first weeks of life, weighing only 10 grams (0.35 ounces), through to adulthood. Learn about how close mothers are to their offspring and how they even risk their lives to protect their vulnerable young. Did you know that squirrels spend over 70 per cent of their lives above the ground? You do now!




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