Don’t miss the Big Cats & African Wildlife Bookazine

Take a walk on the wild side and learn about the incredible creatures of the world in this fantastic new book. From lions and leopards to elephants and giraffes, explore the majestic big cats and amazing animals of Africa.

Let the great felines of the world surprise you with their amazing versatility and strength, from the iconic Siberian tiger to the elusive snow leopard. Discover how these predators stay at the top of their food chain in Northern America, Asia, African plains and Spanish forests. If that isn’t enough, we go in to meet the lion’s neighbours in the African Wildlife section, getting closer to rhinos, zebras, elephants and giraffes.


Cover for the World of Animals Book of Big Cats & African Wildlife 01E2.

Here’s a sneak peek!

Discover the super senses of the lynx from its incredible hearing to it sense of smell.


Journey to the legendary continent with some of the greatest fauna on the planet to witness the epic wildebeest migration and see the big five. 



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Photo credit: Steve Winter