Exclusive new launch for digital readers! 50 Facts About Penguins out now for only 69p

The all-new World of Animals digital edition, 50 Facts About Penguins, has hit the virtual shelves. Now available on iTunes these 50 facts are not to be missed.


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This beautiful new digital edition takes you into the world of these incredible flightless birds, from the distinctive calls of fluffy new born chicks to their amazing ability to drink salt water.

Digital readers can step into the world of the 14 species of penguin with breathtaking images and detailed illustrations, from the life cycle of the energetic gentoo penguin to the arduous yearly migration of the spectacular emperor penguin.

These digital editions are perfectly portable and can be yours at the touch of a button. Exclusive to digital readers of World of Animals, this stunning edition is priced at the low price of only 69p! Download 50 Facts about Penguins now.

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