Exclusive special edition, The Truth About Bears

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 12.28.03The all-new World of Animals digital edition, Truth About Bears, has hit the virtual shelves. This stunning new edition is jam-packed with beautiful beasts, from the fearsome grizzly bear to the snorting sloth.

Digital readers can step into the world of these giants and unearth the truth about the secrets of the polar bear, from what it eats to where it sleeps. Discover what makes a panda tick and how its cat-like vision helps it see in the dark.

These digital editions are perfectly portable and can be yours at the touch of a button. Exclusively to digital readers of World of Animals, these exclusive editions are priced at only £1.99. Download the Truth About Bears now.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 12.21.02Truth About Bears is just the latest digital exclusive from World of Animals. Up Close With Reptiles features in-depth focus on all things scaly and contains staggering facts and images of these ancient mini monsters. Learn about the teeth of a Komodo dragon and the killer tongue of the chameleon direct from your tablet or phone.

The first digital edition special, Up Close With Big Cats, brings you into the world of leopards, cheetahs and tigers. Uncover how lionesses care for their cubs and what’s being done to save endangered big cats.

These extra editions aren’t to be missed, so subscribe today.
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