Find out if Cecil’s legacy can help us save the African lion in issue 42, on sale today!

Our latest issue is now on sale! As well as stunning images and fun, informative articles all about snow monkeys, giant pandas and manatees, don’t miss our feature on Africa’s majestic big cat.


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside:


Hundreds of lions are shot by hunters every year across Africa, but Cecil’s death brought this to the public’s attention. We speak to the Born Free Foundation about the plight of these incredible animals and what can be done to safeguard their future.


Discover 10 things we love about Japanesse macaques, from their snowball throwing ways to their love of hot baths, find out what makes these primates so unique.


Learn all about the slow-paced life of the manatee and how this docile sea cow is perfectly adapted for the warm shallow waters it calls home.


Find out all about what makes the barn owl such a deadly hunter. From its silent wings, to its pin-sharp hearing, this beautiful predator is a master of precision.


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