Find out what the characters from Finding Dory are like in real life in issue 35

As Pixar’s Finding Dory hits UK screens, why not find what life under the sea is really like? In our latest issue discover the real animals behind the characters of Marlin the clownfish and Dory the palette surgeonfish 

Here’s a sneak peak of issue 35 to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out!


Did you know that we’ve probably only discovered a third of the ocean’s species? Find out all about the incredible underwater creatures we do know about from the clownfish and palette surgeonfish, to the octopus and whale shark, and get a bit more of an insight into the animals behind the characters in Finding Dory. 


In Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets we follow the story of Max the dog and all his friends (the neighbour’s pets). In issue 35 of World of Animals, uncover the truth about why your pets behave the way they do, from cats and dogs, to goldfish, guinea pigs and even your budgie.


Have you ever wondered where the term ‘cheeky monkey’ comes from? Learn all about the primates behaving badly, from macaques that throw snow balls to vervet monkeys drunk on fermented fruit.


The issue is filled with lots of fun features, but there is also a focus on the work that needs to be done to protect the incredible animal kingdom. Sadly, butterflies around the world face a battle for survival due to neglectful human activity but there is still hope for these stunning insects thanks to organisations like Butterfly Conservation.

If you love animals, there’ll definitely be something for you.

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