Find out why the hippo is so dangerous in Issue 29

Discover how to avoid a hippo attack, meet the planet’s coolest amphibians and explore the wildlife of Majestic India in our latest issue. 

Here’s a sneak peak to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out!


Did you know hippos kill almost 3,000 hippos each year? Discover what makes this gentle giant the most dangerous mammal on Earth, from its huge jaws and body, to its unpredictable nature and surprising speed.


There are 6,500 or so known frog species and while they share many of the same characteristics, we have highlighted some of the ones that stand out from the crowd because of their amazing abiltlies. From a frog so small it can fit on a smartie (Paedophryne) to the Goliath frog that is the size of a domestic cat, we uncover 50 of the most fabulous amphibians in the world.


Also in this issue, find out all about the Atlantic puffin, Britain’s favourite seabird. Affectionately know as the ‘clowns of the sea’, these orange-beaked puffins lead extraordinary lives. Learn all about their beautiful courtship and how many of them mate for life.


The pangolin is the most trafficked animal alive. Learn all about the different species, why they are worth saving and what is being done to protect them by organisations such as the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist group, the African Pangolin Working Group and Save Vietnam’s Wildlife.


Photo credit: Nils Rinaldi