5 spectacular hummingbirds

Anna’s hummingbird 


Anna’s hummingbird is common along the Pacific coast of North America, and the startling colouration of the male is not to be missed. Like all hummingbirds their primary food is flower nectar and these birds can be spotted hovering in vegetated areas searching for sugary nectar.


Booted racket-tail


The long tail feathers and fluffy white ‘boots’ of the booted-racket tail can be seen in the mid-range Andes. The classic hovering seen in hummingbirds is more similar to flight of insects than any other species of bird.


Rufous-crested corquette


These rare beauties inhabit lowland areas of the Amazon and males sport an orange Mohican to attract females. Hummingbirds are solitary and only interact with others when it is time to breed.


Sparkling violetear 


This hummingbird is widely distributed throughout the Andes, and migrates to higher elevations to search for food. Most hummingbirds migrate to find stable sources of food, and often bulk up before setting off.


Sword-billed hummingbird


The only bird with a bill longer than its body is the sword-billed hummingbird, and it has to hold its beak high to stop itself toppling over. Its beak is long to help it drink nectar from hard to reach flowers in the mountains of South America.


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