For Beginners: iPad Edition – exciting new app launched

Introducing For Beginners: iPad Edition.

From the people that brought you World of Animals, iCreate and Apps magazines comes a brand-new app, For Beginners: iPad Edition.

For Beginners: iPad Edition on iTunesFor Beginners: iPad Edition covers everything you need to get more from your iPad, from setting up and syncing to editing photos and organising emails.

Packed with helpful step-by-step guides and interactive slides, along with a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the iPad, this is the perfect resource for any iPad owner.



Where can i download For Beginners: iPad Edition?

For Beginners: iPad Edition is now live on iTunes, and for a limited time is available for just £0.69/$0.99!

Sneak preview…

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside this unmissable app.

Easy-to-follow iPad guides and advice

For Beginners: iPad Edition videos

Essential step-by-step guides

For Beginners: iPad Edition Purchase an iBook

And much much more.
Don’t miss out, download a UK version or a US version now.