Get in the mood for summer with our latest issue!

As summer approaches and the sun starts to appear, it’s time to get out in your garden. Pick up our latest issue of World of Animals to find out how to get up close to the animals in your backyard and much more!

Here’s a sneak peak of issue 46 to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out!


From tips to keep hedgehogs safe, to plants that will attract butterflies, discover what you can do in your garden to attract wildlife. This is the perfect time of year to get outside and start exploring.

If you’re able to travel further afield this summer, take a look at our feature on the incredible lives of seabirds. From the puffin to the penguin, find out how seabirds have adapted to life over the oceans.

Have you ever heart of a betta fighting fish? This colourful species is truly fascinating. In this issue we’ve tell you how to better get to know a betta fish.

Finally, learn everything you ever wanted to know about the ocelot, the nocturnal hunter from South America.


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