Get to know the Ice King in Issue 53

Grab your copy of the latest issue of World of Animals to find out what life is like for animals living in the concrete jungle, uncover the truth about bats and meet the species that inspired video games.

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Not many animals could survive the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, but polar bears have come to depend on ice and snow for their existence – find out how these Arctic giants cope with the cold.

Some say it’s a barbaric pastime that has no place in the 21st century. Others argue it can play a vital role in saving some of Earth’s most endangered species. The question is, can these two polar-opposite perspectives ever possibly be reconciled?

King Julien ran the colony in the film Madagascar, but in reality he wouldn’t even be a contender for the crown — female ring-tailed lemurs are the ones in charge.

One of England’s greatest ever batsmen is now stepping into a very different crucible as he looks to hit rhino poaching for six