Win a pair of Vanguard binoculars and a Helm Field Guide

Our latest issue is packed with new features and stunning images, from how conservationists are working to protect the lion to busting elephant myths.

We’re so excited about this issue that we’re giving you a sneak peek again!


Our cover feature is all about the incredible wildlife of Kenya, from the great wildebeest migration to the Big (and Little) Five. You can also win a pair of the Endeavor ED II 8320 model binoculars from Vanguard and the Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania Helm Field Guide by commenting on this blog below and telling us why you liked the feature.


Find out from TV presenter and wildlife adventurer Steve Backshall why we should be saving sharks instead of fearing them and learn how he is working with The Shark Trust to do this.


Explore the incredible life of the albatross and why this bird is the real master of the skies.


In this issue we also take an in-depth look at the jaguar. Peek inside the anatomy of this elusive South American cat and learn about its mysterious life in the rainforest. We’ve also crammed in some amazing big cat facts, from the sharpness of their claws to the strength of their bite.



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