Go swimming with sharks in issue 47!

Summer is finally here and we’ve got a new issue filled with fun, informative features to brighten your day! In our latest issue meet the clownfish and 10 other animals that form unusual friendships, discover nature’s beauty secrets amd go swimming with sharks!

Here’s a sneak peak of issue 47 to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out!


Nature is filled with intriguing and unusual examples of interspecies friendship. From the clownfish that makes itself immune to the anenome’s toxic sting, to the Egyptian plover that helps the crocodile with its oral hygiene by pecking at its teeth, meet the animals who understand the benefits of working together.

From the buddleia in your back garden to the fir forests of Mexico, the world is filled with beautiful butterfly species just waiting to be visited. We journey across the globe to uncover the best butterfly-watching spots.

From meerkats to mongooses, these cat-like killers might not look much like cats, but these agile hunters share the same razor-sharp teeth and lightening reflexes as the larger feline predators of the wild.

Forget everything you think the film Jaws taught you. If done the right way, swimming with sharks is guaranteed to be a truly unforgettable experience, for all the right reasons. We explore the best places on Earth to swim with these incredible apex predators.


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