Have a wild Christmas with issue 54!

Celebrate Christmas by finding out everything you ever wanted to know about the creatures we associate with the festive period in our latest issue.

Here’s a sneak peak of issue 54 to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out!


On December 25, many of us celebrate the ‘Christmas Miracle’ and the story of Mary, Joseph and the immaculate conception of Baby Jesus, but the animal kingdom has its own miracle babies. In issue 54, meet 10 remarkable animal infants who survive against all odds. From the emperor penguin that endures freezing conditions, to the baby giraffe that takes a real tumble from birth, these are some of the toughest species we know.

The world’s oceans are home to a host of animals with festive names, but they’re not all full of the Christmas spirit. Meet creatures like the sea angel and the candy stripe shrimp, and find out if they’re as festive as their names make them sound.

The camel plays a big role annual nativities around the world, but how much do you know about this ship of the desert? Discover how camels have adapted to their extreme environments and what makes these hoofed mammals so unique.

Journey across the globe to find out where the best spots to see Santa’s helpers are. Reindeer are not only found in Lapland! See them in Scotland, Canada or Russia.