7 days of silverbacks

To celebrate the launch of our amazing silverback¬†issue of World of Animals out on Thursday 4th September, we’ll be launching 7 days of silverbacks!

Enjoy a whole week of fascinating facts, videos and breathtaking images of the world’s largest ape. PLUS every day there will be a new competition to win some amazing ape-y prizes.

This issue is not to be missed. Along with the magnificent silverback gorilla, read about the toughest animals on Earth, the 10 weirdest lizards and the five greatest animals of Africa.

This magazine is stuffed with 200 animal facts that are guaranteed to amaze you, and we answer all your questions about the animal kingdom. Here’s 7 reasons why you can’t miss it.

Follow the campaign on Animal Answers to play our quizzes, learn about silverback gorillas and enter our incredible competitions.

Order your copy at www.imagineshop.co.uk or download a digital version from Thursday.