How are rabbits different to hares?

Both hares and rabbits are in the family leporidae, but they are different species. Tigers and lions are both in the same group, but look and behave very differently. Hares are larger than rabbits and have longer legs. Hare ears are also longer that the average rabbit’s.

Their behaviour is also extremely different. First, rabbits are more social than hares, meaning you are more likely to see rabbits in large groups. Second, hares perform their characteristic boxing behaviour, which is not seen in rabbits. Hares live above the ground, but rabbits burrow into the earth to build warrens.

Another major difference is in their young. Newborn rabbits, called kittens, are born with their eyes closed and no fur, making them unable to regulate their own temperature. They need to be cared for by their mother in a sheltered place until their eyes open and their fur has grown. Baby hares, known as leverets, are precocious young, meaning they are able to move around in the open soon after birth.


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