How intelligent is an octopus?

Though they are invertebrates, octopuses shows signs of extreme intelligence from mimicry to using tools

Being able to sneak up on prey is a survival skill that every carnivore needs. Octopuses inhabit both deep and shallow water, and leap on their prey with the utmost precision. On the underside of an octopus is a hard beak that can crack through tough shells, so once prey in engulfed in the tentacles there is no hope of escape.octopus intelligence crab hunting


Some species, like the mimic octopus, rely on being able to change their shape. These molluscs take on the appearance of dangerous animals to scare predators away. These animals swim using a siphon, which is a tube located at the top of the arms. They jet-propel themselves along by shooting water out behind them.mimic octopus intelligence camouflage


Camouflage is key when it comes to survival, and these animals can change the texture of their skin to blend in with what they are resting on. Muscles in the skin’s surface control how smooth or spiky the octopus appears, and can change is a split second.octopus intelligence camouflage


With no skeleton holding their shape, octopuses can squeeze into extremely small spaces to avoid predators. It takes intelligence to see an unfamiliar object, like a glass bottle, as a potential hiding place. They are highly mobile, and are famous for their ability to escape aquarium tanks and even open screw-top jars.
octopus intelligence bottle


Octopuses have lightning-fast reactions and being able to halt an attacker in its tracks is a real skill, especially is the attack comes from behind. Changing colour and shifting position quickly in enough to halt even the most determined crab.
mimic octopus intelligence camouflage

Only a handful of animals on Earth can use tools, and octopuses are the only invertebrates that have figured this skill out. Certain species, like the veined octopus native to Indonesia, collect coconut shells to hide inside, and even carry them around to make sure they always have a refuge.

octopus intelligence tool coconut


Octopuses are the most intelligent invertebrates on Earth, with the ability to solve complex problems, avoid predators and find food. They can essentially become invisible, making them the ninjas of the sea.
octopus intelligence camouflage


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