How is rhino poaching prevented?

As demand for rhino horn skyrockets, the people like Ol Pejeta that work to protect them have come up with new ways to prevent poaching.



Rhino Horn infographic


Installing radio transmitters

By drilling a small hole into the horn and inserting a transmitter, rangers can track rhinos. The signal the transmitter gives off alerts rangers to unusual movements. This signal also helps authorities take poachers down.


Injecting horns with poison

The chemicals don’t hurt the rhinos, but cause headaches and seizures in people that consume the horn. The chemicals used also glow bright pink in airport scanners, helping find horns that are being smuggled.


Horn removal

As a last resort, rhino protectors remove the horn pre-emptively. This doesn’t hurt the rhino, but poachers have been known to kill de-horned rhinos out of spite. The horn grows throughout the rhino’s life, so needs to be routinely trimmed.


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