How to make a bird feeder

Learn how to attract birds to your garden by making a bird cake to hang in a tree outside.

In issue 23 of World of Animals magazine, we take a look at the songbirds of the world from the blue tit on the cover, to the Gouldian finch and robin. The ‘Why do birds sing?’ feature on page 12 highlights the different reasons for birdsong and how to attract these beautiful passerines to hear their tunes. You can learn how java sparrows beatbox and why male nightingales have song battles. We even have some sheet music so that if you play an instrument, you can play one of the Cardinal’s distinctive sounds.

The video below will teach you how to make a bird feeder for your garden so that you can identify some songbirds yourself when they come to feed.


You will need:

Good quality bird seed



Suet or lard

Plastic cups or yoghurt pots


Mixing Bowl



Chopping Board


Watch the video below to learn step by step how to make a bird feeder.