How to make an ant farm

This bank holiday, why not try making an ant farm? With just a few simple items (and some insect tenants!) you can have your own ant colony in no time.

Step 1 – What you’ll need
To make your ant farm you’re going to need two jars (one small enough to fit in the other), another container, some loose soil, water and sugar.

Step 2 – Preparation
Clean both the jars out, let them dry and then remove the wrappers so that you’ll be able to see the ant colony inside.

Step 3 – Build the farm
Place the smaller jar upside down without its lid in the centre of the larger jar and then fill the remaining space with sand-like soil.

Step 4 – Find some ants
Mix some sugar with a tiny bit of water and place it in a small container outside. This will attract ants – you’ll want no more than 20 for your farm.

Step 5 – A new home
Place your ants inside your farm and seal the large jar with its lid (poke holes in it so the ants have air). Keep them fed with a few drops of sugar water once a week.