Issue 25 has super powers!

Our latest issue is packed with amazing facts and stunning images, from how the colour-changing chameleon to animals that glow in the dark.

We’re so excited about this issue that we are giving you a sneak peek!

Our cover feature is all about owls and the skills these perfectly adapted predators have evolved to master the art of hunting. Find out how the barn owl’s acute hearing means it can hear the heartbeat of a mouse and how the snowy owl doesn’t hoot, but instead  gives out a barking quack.

owlScreen shot 2015-10-01 at 12.14.18

Read our interview with superman actor, Henry Cavill and find out all about how he is working with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to help protect wildlife around the world.


Meet the superheroes of the animal kingdom whose incredible abilities put the superpowers of comic book heroes to shame, from the shapeshifting mimic octopus to the goat that can walk up near vertical surfaces.



Enjoy the read and let us know what you think!