5 reasons you shouldn’t miss the latest issue of World of Animals

Yes, here it is, the one you’ve been waiting for! Issue 4 of World of Animals magazine is now on sale at a newsagent or supermarket near you (and at the Imagine Shop). As per, there are incredible illustrations, photography and amazing articles on the world’s fastest, heaviest, largest, cutest and most peculiar (peculiarist?) animals on the planet.

To kick things off, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t miss the latest issue of World of Animals.

1 – Penguins – 50 amazing facts

Who doesn’t love a penguin? There are 50 amazing facts in the latest issue like, for example, did you know there are 16 species of penguin, 15 of which are endangered? Explore the incredible secrets of these beautiful animals including their quirky little feeding habits and how they live within massive social colonies.

World of Animals Penguins

2 – Pandas – Why mating ain’t easy

These peculiar creatures are born carnivores so why is their diet 99% bamboo? Discover why, when reproduction is so important for an endangered species like the giant panda, mating just isn’t that easy.

World of Animals giant panda bear

3 – GIANTS – 90 minutes to hard-boil an ostrich egg

The biggest and bestest animals on earth uncovered, from the world’s largest carnivore (you may be surprised to find out what it is!) to the biggest snake, bugs, reptiles and more.

World of Animals biggest animals

4 – Dinosaurs – Heard the one about the t-rex and the chicken?

The pre-hestoric animals that time did NOT forget. Discover the animals that made it from a long-gone era and uncover the remarkable link between the gruesome, fearful dinosaur to the humble, modern-day chicken (no, really).

World of Animals modern-day dinosaurs

5 – Monkeys – Six of the most diverse species on Earth

From the largest monkey in the world, the mandrill, whose facial features intensify in colour when excited, to the small emperor tamarin, with their comical whiskers and very playful nature.

World of Animals meet the monkey family

Where can I buy World of Animals magazine?

Order your copy and have it delivered straight to your door from the Imagine Shop!
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World of Animals issue 4