Why you need the latest issue of World of Animals

Five issues in and the all-new World of Animals magazine is celebrating new-launch success in style, with a jam-packed issue filled with incredible animals, amazing articles and brilliant imagery.

Kicking off with a 9-page special on the great grizzly bear, Issue 5 looks at some of the biggest and best animals on the planet, including the world’s largest reptile, the ferocious saltwater crocodile, swallows and their epic tale of extraordinary migration and the secrets of the endangered snow leopard.


The great grizzly bear

A ferocious combination of endurance, intelligence and steely determination puts the grizzly bear at the top of one remarkable food chain. Read all about the incredible grizzly in a special feature, filled with incredible imagery and illustration.

World of Animals magazine Issue 5

All about saltwater crocodiles

Meet the world’s most aggressive crocodile, and discover how this huge reptile came to be such a lethally effective predator. Don’t miss epic illustrations on the death roll it carries out to take down its predator, the lifescycle from baby croc to fully-grown beast and much, much more.

World of Animals magazine Issue 5

The formidable red fox

Meet the world’s greatest carnivore, the red fox. Having taken over a large quantity of the Earth, discover why the humble red fox just became even more unstoppable, adapting to new countries, climates and challenges with cunning tactics, charisma and intelligence.

World of Animals magazine Issue 5

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