Magnificent moustaches

Humans aren’t the only ones to grow moustaches and beards; several members of the animal kingdom sport facial hair and feathers with varying degrees of usefulness

Emperor tamarin

Emperor tamarins arguably have the most magnificent moustaches of all animals. Explorers are said to have given the social little monkeys their name because they were reminded of German Emperor Wilhelm II’s impressive ‘tache.



This large, curly horned goat roams the mountains of western and central Asia. In winter its hair grows to cover its chin, neck and chest, giving it a beard that reminds many people of a wizard’s facial hair.



A walrus has a distinguished moustache consisting of up to 700 bristles. These sensitive whiskers (or vibrissae) can be moved all together and individually, and they allow the walrus to detect shellfish on the seabed.


Inca tern

Inca terns are hard to miss, with striking red beaks and white moustache-like facial plumes. They live along the coasts of Chile and Peru, diving to catch fish and nesting in rock hollows and abandoned Humboldt penguin nests.


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